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Oh goodie, pictures! More waste of bandwidth! (And horribly out of date; much more interesting pictures exist over at my WCF pages.)

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The Players

Check out the various humans I consider friends. A quick note: the term suitemate refers to the folks who live in the other half of the suite. Yes, suitemate has such bad connotation, but there isn't really a better term.

Roommate: Jason Hauser (
Hauser (as we all call him) lived around the corner from me last year. He started off this year on the second floor of Woodruff North, but since then has joined me up on the fifth floor. We've got quite a bit in common -- we're both CS majors and we play hockey every Saturday afternoon. Look for us again next year.

Suitemate: Nick Michalko (
Nick, as you may all recall, lived across the hall from me last year. This time, he's in the other half of the suite. Officially, he's still a Biology major, but I suspect that will be changing soon.

Suitemate: Chris Bradfield (
Chris lived down the hall from me last year. Like me, he's a CS geek. Whereas I prefer doing application and artificial intelligence programming, he's much more inclined towards the itty-bitty hardware and network programs.

Amanda Burns (
Amanda is a sweet, kind person. She's the best friend I've ever had. -- Amanda dictating her biography.

Jeremy Buxton (
Jeremy was my Peer Leader (PL) last year; next year he'll become a full-fledged Peer Advisor (PA). Isn't that a scary thought? Seriously, Jeremy is a great guy, and he'll do well in his new position.

Chris Craig (
This particular Chris goes by the nickname "LT". The reason is that some time ago, he would always carry around his laptop computer. (Yes, he more of a computer/Linux freak than I may ever become.) One person started calling him "LT", for laptop; the nickname stuck.

Josh Crews (
Josh used to be Nick's roommate last year, until he moved into his fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon. He drops by our suite every now and then.

Burton Gray (
Burton is a Junior AE major. He's not much for a computer person, but he sure does play a mean game of ping-pong.

Will Ha (
Will joined us mid-season last year. He moved in with Nick after Josh left. Despite his AE major, he's still much a computer hardware geek.

Bob Holt (
Bob was my roommate last year, and suitemate for part of this year. He's a trombone player in the Tech marching band, and has since moved onto an off-campus apartment with his band buddies.

Chris Lenfest (
Chris, like me, is a TA for CS 1502. He never naps during lecture. Maybe that's because his first class starts at noon.

Shelley Rehlin (
Shelley is a Chemical Engineering major. Ergo, she is constantly studying and/or doing homework. In her free time, one may find her doodling horses or playing Jumbalaya.

Peter Sassone (
Peter is techincally a Computer Engineering major, though we all say he's a CS in heart. Proof:
  1. He has Linux on his computer.
  2. He also is a TA for CS 1502.
  3. In fact, he's on the program development team for CS 1502.
  4. He probably programs better than many other CS'ers.
We'll humor him and just say CmpE

John Somalis (
John was Jeremy's roommate last year. I don't see him often this year.

Gwyneth Smith (
Gwyneth is one of the first person that I met at Tech and really got to know. She's currently cursed with a Macintosh. Even the powers of mklinux won't do any good -- it doesn't run on her processor. Note: do not call her Gwen, Winnie, or any other derivation of "Gwyneth", if you value your life and sanity.

Going, going, gone!

Below are ones who used to walk among us. Alas, they have gone elsewhere go seek their fortunes.

Daryl Cunningham
Daryl was an old roommate of Bob and I. He transferred to Miami University, Ohio, to pursue a degree in cognitive science.

Mike Gensert
Mike used to live down the hall from me. He's off to new hunting grounds in his native home of Midland, Texas.

James Johnson
Was it his fear of study, an allergy to homework, or fanatical playing of Dungeon and Dragons on weekends? Either way, this former roommate is no longer a student at Georgia Tech.

Around Campus

A collection of pictures from around campus.

Area I Housing (the northern half)
Nicknamed the Freshmen Quad, this is where many of Tech's incoming will spend their first year. From left to right: my old building, Towers dorm, Harrison dorm, Brittain, Cloudman dorm, and Glenn dorm. Not pictured: Smith, Brown, Howell, and Harris dorms.

Brittain Rec and Dining Hall
Yipee, cafeteria food! We had many interesting dinner conversations last year; most of those could not be reprinted here without getting sued.

College of Computing (CoC)
Home sweet home for me. I spend too much time in the main cluster inside. Beware of the profs who dwell inside, especially Big Bad Kurt. Take a skip over to .

Robert Ferst Center for the Arts
The Fersr center is, among other things, home of DramaTech, our student run theater group. They must be good because they've been around for over fifty years. I believe the white sculpture in the foreground is supposed to be an abstract Olympic flame.

Student Services Building
Within Student Services is Central Housing and this ceiling full of flags. Each flag represents the home country of students at Tech.

Grant Field and Bobby Dodd Stadium
The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team play on Grant Field, the largest on-campus stadium of its kind in the nation. To catch up on Yellow Jacket football and other sports, take a look at

Mason Civil Engineering Building
The white walls of the Mason building offer a sharp contrast to the other brick buildings on campus. The story goes that the construction firm hired to build this building also was to build a similar one at Duke. However, the plans somehow got mixed and Tech ended up with a white building. Somewhere on Duke's campus is a brick building standing out in a field of white ones. I'm not sure how much of the story is true. Oh yeah, I work in here as a system administrator.

A View Outside of Towers
Here's a picture I took of outside my old room in Towers. To the far left is Harrison; the middle building is Britain; to the right is Cloudman.

The Student Center
One of the most important components of the Student Center is the Rec Center -- a really nice pool hall, Olympic bowling lanes, and a so-so video arcade.

Student Athletic Complex (SAC)
The SAC is the main workout center on campus. The Georgia Tech Aquatic Center was the home to all Olympic swimming events. To the right (not pictured) is the huge SAC Fields -- four football fields in size.

The Kessler Campanile
A lot of people, including somebody named Kessler, donated much money for this newest symbol of Georgia Tech. On top of the sculpture is a stylized version of Tech Tower. This entire plaza area was built just for the 1996 Olympics and served as NBC Today Show's backdrop during Olympic coverage. Nicknamed "The Shaft", the Kessler Campanile even has "worshipers" See the Cult of the Shaft's web page.

Tech Tower
Perhaps the best know symbol of Georgia Tech is the venerable Tech Tower. Built over a hundred years ago, Tech Tower is one of the two original building of the Institute. One tradition is that students attempt to steal the T from TECH. However, administration cracked down and has implemented hi-tech security devices including motion sensors and surveillance cameras. Thus, potential robbers have resorted to more fiendish methods of larceny.

Towers Residence Hall
Towers is where I lived freshman year. My old room is on the very top floor, on the far right corner. I had a nice view of the courtyard. When it was warm, one could often find me sitting in the windowsill, studying or reading a book.

Van Leer Electrical Engineering Building
The building way off in the background is the Electrical Engineering (EE) building. The proper way to pronounce "EE" is "Double Eee"; "Eee Eee" just doesn't sound right. Often heard joke: you can't spell geek without double eee.

Skiles Walkway
The walkway connects Skiles classroom (left) with the Student Center (background). People often chalk messages on the walkway, to promote upcoming events.

Woodruff Residence Halls
The two wings, North and South Wings, comprise of Woodruff. Between the two is Woodruff Dining Hall. I live on the very top floor of Woodruff North (right), way in the back. Although there is an elevator in the building, it is very slow and often times out of order. Oh well, I need the exercise anyways.


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